Hello peeps❤️🙈

How are you all?😍

Well,this is my first time that i am creating blog🙈 as u know guys now a days many people are becoming bloggers, like fashion blogger,travel blogger and few are food blogger😀 

But hold on! I am not creating blog on any of these. I am creating my blog on love,couples,relationships ands many more things related to LOVE

Now a days most of our young generation is in love❤️

Am i right guys?❤️😍

Yes i am also in love❤️🙈

P.s will talk about this later on😀

So 🙈hi to all😍

My name is Nupur sharma❤️cried first on 17th september😻born in Faridabad👻brought up in Noida. I did my schooling from D.A.V  Noida📚. I had just completed my graduation from Dyal singh college,D.U. In English hons. I was commerce background student and had mathematics too(maths its not my cup of tea)🙈

By profession I am a teacher😄📓

So i used to read blogs and  last week i thought to create my own blog so i ended up on creating this😀.

Here you will find many things related to love. I am not love guru😅 just here to share my point of view on love and all things and to know what love is according to you guys😍❤️

Key points:

  •  What love is?👫
  • What relationship is?💑
  • Love stories!❤️
  • Breakups💔
  • How to deal with every type of situations?🙋🏻

 I want your support guys👼

Stay tuned😀

I will be back soon❤️

Much love❤️


(Hopeless romantic)

Insta handle – lovebling_17








 “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart.”



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