Hello people❤️

How are you all?

So back to main concept of the blog❤️❤️🙈


Well in my previous blogs i was talking about love and relationships😇

Now what are the issue we generally face!

Relationships are a very meaningful part of our lives, and can bring us happiness.Strong connections with our loved ones, friends and family allow us to be at our healthiest and strong relationships offer an important source of advice, guidance, love and support. 

However, fulfilling and supportive relationships don’t come automatically, and they require good social skills and a great deal of time and energy to stay strong and go the distance. Sometimes meaningful connections break down, which can leave people feeling lonely, disappointed and unsure of what to do. In some cases our relationships may not be fulfilling our expectations, which can impact our happiness and life satisfaction.

We should not have communication gap.Irrespective of our busy schedules we should take out time for our partner atleast for a minutes just to make them feel that yes you are special to them❤️❤️


“Relationship” as i had already mentioned that this word is very beautiful feeling if we have right partner.

But if there is no up and down in our life it seems very just to be little dramatic,enjoyable and happy there should be up and downs.

Graph should not be uniform😉

Human beings often only want happiness in their life but if we have positive side we have to face its negative sides too🙈

  Every time you get into a relationship, you wonder if you’re going to have a good relationship with your lover or not. But what is a good relationship really mean?

Good relationships are not found, it has to be created💋😍❤️


  • Trust – Relationships are built on trust, which is essential for good communication and forming strong bonds. Without trust, relationships are unlikely to survive. 

  • Mindfulness – Being mindful of what you do and say means you are more likely to maintain strong relationships. Relationship issues can arise if you let your negative emotions affect others.

  • Mutual respect – Strong supportive relationships depend heavily on mutual respect, we should have understanding of each other’s needs and values. 

  • Good communication – Your relationships will be good if you make an effort to keep in contact with those around you. Being honest and open with others also allows for you to connect deeply and build long lasting bonds.


  1. You are happy to be with your lover❤️
  2. You love your partner unconditionally❤️
  3. You communicate and learn❤️
  4.  You respect each other❤️
  5. You trust eachother❤️

💕💕Perfect relationship is where two lovers understand each other and love each other💕💕

 Stay tuned for more❤️

Keep loving❤️keep sharing❤️keep supporting❤️keep liking❤️❤️

Much love❤️

Nupur sharma


Insta handle – @luvbling_17

Surprise for people very soon❤️❤️

Stay connected❤️



  1. Wherever you go, there will always be people who will try to put u down. But at the end of the day, it is up to u whether u want to smile or frown. Goodluck baby ❤ and be successful. Totally loved your work. I’m so proud of you.

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