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Hi guys❤️

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Its been a week i had done collaboration with neesh perfumes but could not upload full story because i was busy with someother stuff.

So i am back with neesh perfumes😍😍😍

So to give you a quick context about company-

Neesh is proud to introduce itself as a  competent company with a wide range of fragrance products.

The products are used extensively in the cosmetic industry and they ensure the use of natural and fresh ingredients so that they can offer the customer a delightful and aromatic experience through their products.❤️

So i have received three amazing perfumes from neesh❤️❤️ and trust me they really smell very good❤️❤️

I am in love with their fragrance😍🙈

So the three perfumes i got are-

  • Atta-E-ishq

  • Moha-Beau-T

  • Oud-E-Khaas

If you guys are thinking why we should buy these perfumes🙈 so let me tell you

  • Neesh perfumes contain very high quality fragrances
  • Neesh perfume last upto 12hours
  • Each spray cost less than rs.1
  • Neesh perfume pikpack fits in every pocket


Have you been trying hard to get your crush’s attention?😉😉😉

So this is just the right perfume for you🙈

This perfume has a crisp and clean,warm and sexy fragrance.

It has a base note of sweet smell vanilaa and top note of nutemeg and cedarwood.


Long lasting and the perfect choice for any given hour, this is the most addictive perfume of neesh🙈🌺

It has an extra ordinary radiation with a fiery intensity. It has a captivating note of french rose and saffron.

It also has an iconic charm which is impossible to define💕

Last but not least 


Something special for someone special.

This is the best choice for the most valuable person in your life. It has a lingering base note of musk and agar wood which transforms into a sharp sweet wood with indian saffron in the top notes. This pikpavk of perfume has the desired lavishness,eccentricity and galmorous spirits.

Neesh perfumes are not only limited to these three fragrances❤️😍

In total they have 12 fragrances😍which is unbelievable💕

Pikpack contains 20ml and its long lasting too.

Other 12 fragrance name

  • Belle d oud
  • Amour de oud
  • Oud e khaas
  • Moha beau t
  • Eaubde mehfil
  • Attar e neesh
  • Attar e nazakat
  • Attar e ishq
  • Zaaafran e hindustan
  • Sultana
  • Rose e mohabatt
  • Oud de venice

Neesh perfumes are also available at

  • Flipkart
  • Amazon
  • Snapdeal
  • Ebay

Go and grab your perfume❤️😍You will not regret your buy😉

Thanks for taking out your valuable time and reading this litlle excerpt❤️

Keep loving

Keep supporting

Much love❤️

Nupur sharma


Insta handle 

  • luvbling_17 
  •  Neesh_world

See you later❤️



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