A very beautiful feeling💋🙈

New relationships bring with them the happiness we all look for😍

There are three basic needs for survival – air, water, food. But these quantitative things help you live. The idea is to be alive! When you have constant love, support, security and care, you automatically become a good human being. Living becomes easier and you have someone to count on. When you are younger, your family gives you that support but there will be a time when you will be out there and alone. This is when your partner steps in. Your survival doesn’t depend on them but they help you live through the good and the bad. You feel secure in the presence of someone as you have a constant support system beside you. Seeing them every day brings joy in your life. Having love is a common but still a rare thing and is not easy to find. Once you begin to treasure this love and cherish it, you will live a joyful, loved life that will keep you alive and awesome!


Lately i have been talking about love,relationship and all.❤️

Now let us talk about those things which we feel after being into a relationship.

Before after before after before after



Let me take you to journey full of adventures😍😍

Its not like that we will always have good time in relationship, we do have bad times also but it depend on that person how they take it.

As i said love conquer all❤️ and yes its true also😍

Lemme tell you how:

 By “love” I’m going to define it as a genuine desire to help someone achieve what is best for them. 

By “conquering all” I’m going to define it as strengthening the two people involved so that they are able to help themselves and help each other achieve what is best for them.

I’d say that if both people are healthy and mature and they love each other, then yes, love for the other person will enable them to better help the other person, whether they stay together or not.

If i define “love” as strong attraction towards other person.❤️

And “conquering all” enable both people stay together happy and in healthy relationship👫🌹

So if i will merge it,

It means love is a strong attraction towards other person which will enable you both the partners to stay together happy and in a happy relationship❤️

The debate on relationships and their pros and cons has been going on for too long. With the generation today becoming more and more voilating in terms of relationships and matters of the heart, most of the people are excluding themselves from the idea of having a serious relationship and are looking for timepass which will just give you all a momentary pleasure. Whether a relationship is good for you or not, that depends on you only and no one can help you decide what you want in life.

Let me tell you few benefits that being into a serious relationship will gives you.

  • You will always have a company.whenever you are bored they will be at your doorstep just to spend some time with you❤️

  • The one person who is always there for you no matter what.There are some things you can’t even tell your best-est of friends!

 As you become busier in your lives, friends grow apart for obvious and practical reasons. But when you come back after a busy day and you need someone, they’re there! And it’s never one way; both of you can share your problems, discuss them and even find a solution then and there. Your partner often enables you to think clearly and help im calming you down. They have all the qualities you want in your best friend even if they’re not your best friend. And you always have the privilege of the 3 am friend with a partner!

  • You will understand yourself better❤️when a person loves you, they love you for who you are and they don’t try to change you. So you evolve into a better person and are mindful of that. Even if that relationship fails, you not only know what you don’t want in your partner, you also know what mistakes you are not going to repeat.

  • You dont have to be dressy all the time.

Being single means you are in fact ready to mingle, whether you like it or not. So you have to get dressed up on every occasion, be nice at home, attend every social gathering and over all maintain a high profile. Things are different and much better in a relationship.

 Once you’re in a comfortable relationship, you don’t have to keep yourself up to the mark all the time. You get to roam around in your track pants and live a lazy and easy life, something you can do only when you’re living alone. Remember, a roommate will be very nice to you if you are careless and lazy but will be prone to judge you and your habits. A partner will love you for being careless and lazy.

You feel something unusual when you are in a relationship❤️❤️

Most of you get goosebumps too❤️

This was according to my point of view😍

Now you guys can also share your ideas,your experience of relationship❤️

Relationship is very delicate. Don’t break them.

❤️Try to save them❤️

Never let your partner go away.

💕💕Yes love conquer all💕💕

Soon i will write about how people feel when they get into a new relationship❤️

Stay tuned❤️❤️

I will be very happy if you will drop in your ideas too❤️

Will include all that in my next blog and there will be a blogpost based on true love story❤️

So if anyone want their love story to be posted on my blog! They can DM me on my instahandle – luvbling_17

Or email id – n.nupur17@gmail.com

Thankyou so much❤️

Much love❤️


Nupur sharma❤️

Keep supporting💕


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