Hello guys!💕

I am back with another blog🙋🏻

As i have olready mentioned that this blog is all about love❤️

So guys tell me what love is?


Love is a very beautiful feeling, a strong affection for other person.

It is the differnce between you and me that is US❤️

 It can be referred as an emotion or a strong feeling of affection and personal attachment. Love is very complex emotion which is really hard to define.😅 Everyone has their own definition of love which they understand with their love experiences. Some love it, some hate it, but it is true that everyone needs love to grow and live happily❤️

Everything in this world has two sides i.e negative and positive both same way love also have negative and positive side both😀

Basically it depends on two people how they react to the situations😀

There is no doubt that relationship requires  work but work here is we should work on ourselves instead of finding mistake in our partners😀

Never take advice from other people just listen to what your heart say to u💕

 People may say he is not perfect for you n blah blah but in your mind he is just perfect beyond your imagination.when you look into his eyes and see the real him and can say ya thats my man❤️ or thats my girl❤️

Love is blind,without any limitations❤️

Stay tuned for more updates❤️

Will be back soon ❤️


Much love


“Love is like a war,Easy to begin but hard to stop”


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