Never regret anything because at one time it was actually what you wanted!

Hello everyone!

How are you?

Hope you all are good!

As i have already spoke about Relationship,love and everything, their merits,de-merits,what actually we all face in relationship and how to tackle problems.

There is another serious concern in Relationship which actually haunt everyone of us when we talk about it and the name of that horrifying word is “PAST”

So guys according to you, what do you think?

Does past matters?



Does it? Really?

You get hurt?


You feel to end the relationship?

What all things come into your mind when you get to know about the past of your partner!


Everyone has their own past and yes it do affect your partner but the main concern is that you should have faith in yourself firstly and have faith in your relationship as well.

When two people decide to be together👫 there are many hurdles which they both have to face.

Once a man said, “you cannot start the next chapter,if you keep re-reading the last  one.

It’s the time to wash away the past,forget about past and wash away what happened in past.

What happened in past will remain in past.

Past should not affect your present and upcoming future💑

Keep one thing in mind.

When the past calls,let it go to the voicemail. It has nothing new to say😋😌😉

I am the one writing my own story and sharing my personal experience.🤗

We too got hurt when we got to know about eachother’s past, it keep knocking in our mind for a week, we had heated arguement, we did not had a single word with eachother for 2days. I know that was so hurting moment for me because i have never imagine myself without him.

But as said time heals everything and it does😘

We are back to normal❤💑

We promised eachother to forget eachother’s past and hold hands forever to continue the journey💋😍

My partner who always encourages me❤
Never let anything dull your sparkling relationship❤ not past even❤

Everyone has their own past and its better that it remains in past only.

We can only accept past of our partners. We cannot change,erase or forget it❤

Accept it in positive way and start new life❤

Hope you all understand.❤ 

It took me many days to understand this thing too😀

Stay happy❤

Stay together forever❤

Make best of your present❤ future will be automatically at its best❤

Keep loving❤

Keep supporting❤




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