BID ADIEU2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣🤗


Everyone is very much excited for 2017?


I am eagerly waiting for 2017😍😍

But before that i just wanted to share my memories of 2016😍as this would be last blog of the year 2016.

So, i just thought of sharing my 2016 memories with you all❤

2016 had both good as well as not so good memories. It is true that life is an adventurous journey with full up and downs

I know everyone agree with this thing.

When i had my bad time, there is always one person who supported me throughout this journey not only in 2016 but yes he supported me in 2015 as well🙈 

Yes he is the one❤

We are happy that yes we are together and welcoming 2017 and saying goodbie to 2016 together🎀

Our journey of 2016 was great together as we were there for eachother in good and bad times❤

Starting with his buday in 2016

I just love to be with him💑 yes we do fight alot but those silly fights only make our conmection more and more strong because we have given committment to ourselves first to be together❤

How i can forget this trip to naina devi and chandigarh❤

First ever trip with boo❤

Sudden plans with you always makes me happy❤

Each and every moment with you is always beautiful and i know untill and unless you are with me😍 you will always make me special❤

This short write-up cannot explain how beautiful it was with you but just to share quick view of our 2016

Also my blog LUVBLING which i started in i guess september also gave me alot of things❤

Here you go all😍

Thanks for always being there❤

Love you all❤

Keep calm

Stay happy


Much love😍



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