Hello to all😀

Its been sooooooo long that i have not posted any blog. I was so busy with my work and could not take out time.

But now i am all into a mood to write an amazing post😍

Hope you all will like it☺️☺️

So, my question to everyone right over there is🤗🤗

Are you with the right partner?

I am writing this because few days back i was reading some article and there i read similar article to this. I have heard alot many times that people say or ask their friends that 

Am i with the right partner?

Everything i am doing is correct or not?

Can i be with him/her for my whole life?

Will he still love me after marriage?

And so many question which frequently hit mind of ever person when they are dating😇

So i am asking question to all

Are you with right partner?

Relationship is very beautiful feeling😍 

Every relationship has its time period and cycle. In the very beginning when people just met, they are so much in love that they forget everything around them and involve themsleves with their partner.

They forget their friends even their bestfriend also😅

Its only because both are trying to know eachother better and new to eachother

Falling in love is not at all difficult. Its very easy but slowly and gradually that feeling fades away. But that does not mean people are not in love anymore.

Falling in love is natural😇

Two people don’t do anything. That’s why it is called falling in love

In starting, people use to talk for so many hours, regular meet ups, dinner dates but with the time everything change.

There will be hardly 2-3 calls in a day.

Then person starts to think that am i with the right person?😲

This is the point where relationship breakdown

For successful relationship, its not about finding the right person its all about loving the person you found❤

We all face different kind of situation in relationship. Its just we have to be dedicated towards our partner, work on ur relationship, build trust.

It will take time, effort and energy but you all have to stick to it❤

Remember this always😇🤗

God determines who walks into your life. It is upto you to decide who you let walk away,who you let stay and who you refuse to let go.❤️

Always be thankful to god for giving you loving partner❤

Hope you all liked it😀

Be with your partner.

Love eachother always.

Stay together❤

Instead of breaking up! Try and find solution to rebuild your relationship❤

Have faith😇❤

Keep loving❤


Nupur sharma❤❤


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